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Image by Laurynas Mereckas


a new generation of innovative peptide technology that could potentially benefit all cancer patients, regardless of the cellular marker, tumor site, and cancer stage ...

Ovarian Cancer & Ovarian
Clear Cell Carcinoma

Cancer & Brain Metastasis

Metastasis and TME Targeting

MetaTide carries payload drug to preferentially localize at tumor and tumor metastasis sites based on the peptide's unique interaction with tumor microenvironment factors and tumor surface factors

Tumor and Tissue Penetration

MetaTide-drug conjugate (MDC) penetrats solid tumor to treat the unexposed tumor tissues and cells that are not susceptible to antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), and biological therapeutics (i.e. PD1/PD-L1, mAbs)

Intracellular Delivery & Release

MetaTide-drug conjugate (MDC) utilizes Absotride's proprietary linker designed to cleave and release active drug after an efficient intracellular delivery into cancer cells. The release is dependent on the biological stimuli of tumor cell cytosol environment

Overcoming Drug Resistance

Metatide enables  drug molecules to overcome drug resistance mediated by membrane-associated export pumps. The ability of MetaTide to overcome complex clinical multi-drug resistance has been approved in human tumors.

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