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We Keep Top Notch Materials

Highest quality materials provide highest quality products

Xiaoyu Zang (Janice), PhD

Co-Founder & CEO

Stanford chemistry PhD with expertise in synthetic chemistry, nanotechnology, and drug delivery; published in top-tier peer-reviewed scientific journals, including PNAS, JACS, ACS NANO, ACS Chemical Biology; inventor of 2 Stanford patents

Paul A. Wender, PhD

Co-Founder & Director of SAB Board

Francis W. Bergstrom Professor of Chemistry & Chemical & System Biology at Stanford; an elected member of the US National Academy of Sciences, a foreign member of the Royal Spanish Academy of Sciences, and a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Lin Cheng, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

20+ years in medicinal chemistry and drug development; led over 30 drug development programs in cancer immunology, inflammation, pain management, HIV-AIDS, and renal diseases, with hundreds of publications and patents; inventor of marketed drug MOVANTIK®

Fanying Meng, PhD

Head of Pharmacology

PhD in biology from University of Virginia, and MD from Capital Medical University of China. Over 25 years’ experience as senior director roles for pharmacology and preclinical development in pharmaceutical companies, including MaveriX, Threshold, and Telik

Faye Hsieh, PhD

Head of DMPK

PhD in analytical chemistry with expertise in ADME/PK, LC/MS, biotransformation, and preclinical and clinical development with good knowledge in regulatory guidance. Over 15 years’ extensive industry experience in DMPK in drug discovery & development and regulatory filings; held principal and senior scientist roles in Amgen and Nektar

Xuejin Yang, PhD

Research Scientist

PhD in chemistry from Hongkong University with expertise in synthetic chemistry, polymer & material chemistry, and nanoparticle formulation. Postdoctoral research experience in Stanford University and University of Wisconsin, Madison

Zhuoran Ma, PhD

Research Scientist

PhD and Postdoc in chemistry from Stanford with expertise in synthetic chemistry, peptide chemistry, nanoparticle formulation, 3D in vitro model, in vivo animal model, chemical engineering and machine learning

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