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YDS Pharmatech Launches Data Partner Program with N1 Life, Leveraging Proprietary Peptide Experimental Data to co-develop Generative AI-driven peptide design platform

Dec 22, 2023

Albany, NY – YDS Pharmatech, a pioneering innovator at a transformative juncture in applying AI and biophysics simulations to drug discovery, proudly announces the launch of its data partner program with its inaugural partner, N1 Life. This groundbreaking collaboration is set to maximize the potential of AI for peptide design, utilizing N1 Life's proprietary experimental data on peptide tumor targeting, cell permeabilization, and barrier-penetration across cornea, skin and blood-brain barrier.

"We are excited to welcome N1 Life into our Data Partner Program," said Dr. Xing Che, founder and CEO of YDS Pharmatech. “In developing AI-driven peptide design methods, we encounter unique challenges, such as addressing unconventional amino acid structural prediction and their interactions with various biophysical and membrane environment. Moreover, the scarcity of negative data, which is seldom published but extremely valuable, is essential for training our AI models. The data now provided by N1 will continue to be instrumental in helping our AI learn from critical aspects, establishing the foundation of the success of our innovative approaches." 

Janice Xiaoyu Zang, PhD, CEO and Founder of N1 Life, shared her excitement about their partnership with YDS Pharmatech: "Our work with YDS's AI platform has led to a unprecedented model for peptide property prediction. We are thrilled to leverage this model in conjunction with generative AI for novel peptide design. Our objective is to generate peptide sequences that can interact with and penetrate targeted biological barriers efficiently. We are eager to make a significant contribution to new drug delivery technologies.”


About the Data Partner Program

The Data Partner Program, conceived and launched by YDS Pharmatech, is a collaborative platform for R&D-intensive companies. It's crafted to enable these organizations to leverage the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI), including advanced technologies like transformer-based models, Large Language Models (LLMs), diffusion generative models, and geometric deep learning. The aim is to convert their extensive data repositories into invaluable strategic assets. This initiative assembles a diverse cohort of companies, granting them access not only to YDS's sophisticated AI development capabilities but also to its wealth of experience in DevOps and data product creation.

About YDS Pharmatech, Inc.:

YDS Pharmatech, Inc. is a Venture-backed techbio company based in Albany, NY, developing computational designing platforms for multispecific drugs. We envision maximizing the impact of AI in new drug modalities. The company utilizes AI-augmented biophysics simulations to study ternary complex interactions contributing significantly to induced proximity studies and transitioning degrader discovery from serendipitous to rational design. The research at YDS has been recognized and published in prestigious journals such as Nature Chemical Biology, PLoS Biology, PNAS, and Advanced Science.

About N1 Life, Inc.:

N1 Life, a Stanford University spinout and preclinical biotech company co-founded by Stanford's Dr. Paul A. Wender and translational scientist Dr. Janice (Xiaoyu) Zang, specializes in tissue-focused drug delivery technologies. Since 2019, it has developed key platforms like Absotride™ and ChARLS™, aiming to enhance drug delivery to disease tissues and across biological barriers. N1 Life applies these technologies to a diverse R&D program, spanning oncology to infectious diseases, using payloads ranging from small molecules to mRNA/DNA. N1 Life harnesses cutting-edge delivery technology to transform previously ineffective drugs by enabling their penetration into challenging environments like cancer tissues. Their mission is to enhance targeted drug delivery, ensuring that treatments reach their intended cells effectively, thus opening new avenues in the fight against diseases and improving patient outcomes."


Public Relations Manager, YDS Pharmatech

Business Development, N1 Life

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