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Women Bloom With Grace, Please Listen to What They Have to Say.

Mar 8, 2024

Apricot blossoms in the misty rain, the first scent on the path

All things revive, she blossoms in her prime

The power of 'her' is

the courage to fearlessly move forward

the charm of unwavering determination

the beauty of diverse blossoming

They emit their unique radiance

They are the pioneers cutting through the waves

On the path of innovation and entrepreneurship, they forge ahead with determination, accompanying enterprises, and walking hand in hand. They shine brightly in this vibrant land of the park, blooming with the flower of innovation in the posture of fighters.

Let us listen together.

"From Stanford to Silicon Valley, and then to Suzhou, regardless of the hardships and frequent storms along the way, we have never wavered in our love for science, enthusiasm for technology, and determination for our careers. 'Diligently pursuing knowledge, finding joy in it.' In the world of technology, everyone has the same opportunity to explore the unknown, stay true to their original aspirations, and create value." N1 Life's founder & CEO Dr. Zang said.

With resilient shoulders bearing heavy responsibilities, women bloom with grace. This year marks the 15th anniversary of the Enterprise Service Center, and there is such a group of women. They have accompanied the growth of the Enterprise Service Center, innovating, leaping, and reaching new heights. Behind every remarkable achievement, there are their diligent and silent figures. With the spirit and effort that match no less than men, they bravely shoulder heavy burdens and selflessly dedicate themselves in various positions of enterprise service. They have demonstrated the vigorous spirit of women in the new era, interpreting the profound connotation of 'women hold up half the sky,' let us cheer for all the striving women.

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