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N1 Life Showcases Innovation at Bio China 2024 Expo

Mar 18, 2024

As a pioneer in the field of peptide-drug conjugates, Dr. Zang Xiaoyu, the founder and CEO of N1 Life, was invited to participate as a keynote speaker at the prestigious industry expo, Bio China 2024. The event drew nearly 30,000 attendees, including top experts and innovative companies in the biotechnology sector, along with 839 speakers, collectively hosting 128 forums.

During the forum, Dr. Zang delivered a keynote speech titled "Innovative Development of Non-Targeted Antitumor PDC" focusing on the XDC industry. In his speech, Dr. Zang elaborated on the principles of peptide-drug conjugation technology in advancing drug therapy, as well as N1 Life's innovative technologies and experimental achievements in the field. He introduced N1 Life's research progress in developing non-targeted antitumor PDCs (Peptide-drug Conjugates) and shared the company's latest innovative results in this area. These achievements not only demonstrate N1 Life's leading position in the field of peptide-drug conjugates but also provide new insights and directions for innovative research and development of antitumor drugs.

Furthermore, Dr. Zang conducted a detailed analysis of the advantages of PDC over ADC, emphasizing its ability to overcome multidrug resistance, eliminate disseminated tumors, and accurately control drug release through linkers, thus making it more widely applicable and accessible to a broader population. Regarding the current status of XDC, Dr. Zang noted that ADC dominates the innovative forefront and concentrates industry resources in the current Chinese biopharmaceutical industry. This includes the majority of investments flowing into the ADC market, as well as corresponding policy support and coordination from regulatory and legislative bodies. From this perspective, as a trailblazer in the XDC field, N1 Life bears the responsibility of helping both the market and regulatory bodies understand this track from various angles.

Following the conclusion of his speech, Dr. Zang participated in a roundtable discussion on the theme "Everything Can Be Connected, More Possibilities with XDC," alongside CEO of Wuxi XDC, Mr. Li Jincai, and Vice President of Coherent Biopharma, Mr. Wang Guitao, to explore the current status and future of the peptide-drug conjugate industry. The lively participation from attendees underscored the importance of such in-depth exchanges and discussions in providing valuable insights for industry professionals and driving innovation and development in the field of peptide-drug conjugates.

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