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N1 Life Hosts Grand Opening for Suzhou Biobay Office

Oct 18, 2023

On the evening of October 17, 2023, N1 Life held a ceremony to inaugurate its new Suzhou office in Biobay Suzhou. The N1 Life China team, filled with excitement, shared this milestone event with investors, partners, and colleagues. This ceremony celebrated N1 Life's growth and past achievements, serving as a testament to our ability to advance and continue breaking new ground.

Four investors and partners delivered promising speeches. Dr. Ma Rui from FreesFund shared his experience of supporting N1 Life, starting from Stanford University. As the first institutional investor in N1 Life's angel investment, FreesFund provided funding, resources, and technology support, helping N1 Life’s transition from the laboratory into a well estabilished company.

Dr. Wang Haotian, Vice President of Legend Capital, shared some interesting anecdotes that occurred after their investments in N1 Life. He commended Janice Zang for her unwavering commitment to investors from the very beginning and her entrepreneurial spirit that has persisted tirelessly.

Jiang Fei, Chief Investment Officer of China Medical System provided insights into the current state of the industry and offered recommendations for N1 Life's future strategic planning and execution.

Lastly, Dr. Wang Yongzhong, the founder of Accuredit Therapeutics, shared the story of growth through collaboration with N1 Life and warmly congratulated the milestone opening of N1 Life's Suzhou office, anticipating a broader future through the partnership with Accuredit Therapeutics.

Their words were not only inspiring but also motivating for everyone present, reaffirming the power of our collaboration and unwavering belief in our shared vision for the future.

Janice Zang, the founder and CEO of N1 Life, then took the stage to deliver a passionate speech. She shared her vision, the company's growth story from the United States to China, from a single laboratory to two, four, and eventually a 7,000 square foot research and development center, and her steadfast commitment to innovation and excellence. The team is like a family, and their shared belief in science resonated with the audience, instilling a strong sense of confidence in N1 Life's ability to face the challenges and opportunities of the future.

Following the joyous sand-pouring ceremony and a prize draw, stand-up comedian Cathy Zhao delivered an excellent performance, filling the room with laughter and applause. The lively atmosphere provided a perfect way to build close connections and relieve stress. Finally, the guests gathered for a group photo, concluding a memorable evening.

N1 Life's growth wouldn't have been possible without those who believed in us, supported us, and worked tirelessly alongside us. The ceremony was an opportunity to express our gratitude to our clients, partners, and team members. We appreciated are their firm support, trust, and dedication, which have been essential to our journey.

The ceremony not only celebrated our past but also looked into the future of N1 Life.

While sharing our vision for the coming years, we emphasized N1 Life's commitment to continuing growth and staying at the forefront of the industry. All members of N1 Life sincerely appreciate everyone who has been part of this extraordinary journey and look forward to providing even greater value to our clients and partners with increasing dedication and commitment.

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