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Dr. Zang Xiaoyu Was Interviewed by Suzhou TV to Share Her Entrepreneurial Journey

Mar 8, 2024

On March 8th, Dr. Zang Xiaoyu's interview aired on Suzhou TV. As a young female entrepreneur, Dr. Zang shared her career journey as well as the challenges and opportunities that faced by N1 Life.

"Our technology originates from Stanford, and our team has gathered the best group of scientists. In terms of technology, we are on par with the world and ready to breakthrough. For late-stage metastatic tumors, it’s hardly to find specific targets to delivery drugs which is a pain point in clinical practice. Our innovative technology could deliver old drugs to those metastatic tumors instead of developing a new drug. In this case, it has different approach from the traditional drug development, which is relatively innovative and something that a young team can find."

Starting from Stanford University, Dr. Zang chose to establish N1 Life's office in China. Certainly, this decision was driven by her love for the motherland and a commitment to technological innovation. At the forefront of biotech, N1's scientists continuously challenge the unresolved pain points in the healthcare industry. N1 Life's self-developed platform technology has successfully delivered drugs accurately to tumors with metastasis of unknow primary site. At the same time, N1 platform achieved precise delivery of drugs and other active molecules to different skin tissues, eye tissues, etc., has gradually realized the transformation of technology into products.

This breakthrough technology means that treatments for tumors will be more precise and effective, which is great news for cancer patients. Dr. Zang, as a leading figure in the team, has demonstrated outstanding leadership and learning ability in the field of technological innovation. Her story inspires more young women to bravely pursue their dreams, not fearing difficulties and daring to challenge themselves.

When the reporter asked about the tough parts of running the company, Dr. Zang replied, "Actually, when I think about it carefully, entrepreneurship is relatively simple. It's like you've got this technology, and you can see how it could become a product down the line. When we returned from abroad to China, everything just clicked smoothly. There are many predecessors here in Suzhou, as well as our partners, from whom we can learn a lot of experience. In here Suzhou, the environment creates such an ecosystem which we could easily find opportunities for cooperation. When we first started fundraising for our startup, everyone questioned whether such a relatively young team could succeed. We have also proven to everyone that being relatively young means we have better learning abilities. And we are doing innovative technology, which can only be continuously and constantly improved by young people. Also, I would like to share our belief: if you know where to go, the whole world will make a way for you."

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