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About N1 Life

N1 Life is a bio-pharma company spun out from Stanford University. The company was founded by Dr. Paul A. Wender, a world-renowned translational scientist and professor, and Dr. Xiaoyu Zang (Janice), an entrepreneurial scientist and rising-star in biopharmaceutical field. N1 Life focuses on developing new therapeutics based on innovative drug delivery technologies to address unmet medical needs of human and companion animals. Meanwhile N1 Life is revolutionizing the pharma industry by reducing the cost and timeline of development through disrupting technology

Image by Anshu A
Image by Nathan Anderson

Our Mission

"Science advances human. Technology changes life."

N1 Team carries the mission of bridging the gap between research and clinic, and from bench to bed. N1 Life excels in translating innovative technologies with clinical potentials to clinical products.


N1 Life bridges the gap between industry and academia. As a technology-centered company with 100% innovation-drive team, we embrace, utilize and adapt cutting-edge technologies for the goal of addressing unmet medical needs


From day one, N1 Life maintains a sustainable development and partnership model to save money, time, resources, and energy throughout the development of clinical products


Thanks to N1 technologies, we significantly cut down the cost of all N1 product development, which would make these novel treatments more accessible and affordable to all human beings and animals

Core Values

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